Despite seemingly similar appearances, comparing Rollercoin vs Bitcoin Mania reveals subtle but tremendously impactful differences. Rollercoin and Bitcoin Mania are both digital mining simulators where you can earn crypto for free by playing games or earn passive crypto income by investing in miners. Factors to consider when comparing Rollercoin vs. Bitcoin Mania include how much you can earn by playing games for free, how much passive income you can earn, and how you actually earn crypto. In this article we’ll examine all of the differences in Rollercoin vs Bitcoin Mania and determine which one is better for earning passive crypto income online.

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Rollercoin Overview

Rollercoin, Online Bitcoin Mining Simulator
Rollercoin, Online Bitcoin Mining Simulator.

Rollercoin is a play-to-earn digital mining simulator where you can earn passive crypto income in 7 different cryptocurrencies by playing games or investing in mining power. There is a wide variety of different games on Rollercoin you can play to earn mining power and get passive crypto income for free just by playing games. There are miners that you can invest in on Rollercoin for consistent passive income as well.

Cryptocurrencies available to earn on Rollercoin include

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Dogecoin (DOGE)
  • Binance Coin (BNB)
  • Solana (SOL)
  • Polygon (MATIC)
  • Rollertoken (RLT)

Bitcoin Mania Overview

Homepage of Bitcoin Mania.

Bitcoin Mania is another digital mining simulator game, with the difference being you mainly earn crypto through investing in miners on Bitcoin Mania as opposed to playing games to earn crypto like on Rollercoin.

Another major difference between Bitcoin Mania vs Rollercoin is that you have to claim your earnings at least once a day on Bitcoin Mania, as opposed to Rollercoin where your mined crypto will accumulate whether you log in or not.

Bitcoin Mania is also different from Rollercoin in that each miner mines a different type of crypto, as opposed to Rollercoin where each miner provides mining power that you can use to mine the crypto of your choice. For example, you can buy a miner in Bitcoin Mania that only mines Ethereum whereas you can buy a miner in Rollercoin and mine whichever available crypto you’d like.

Cryptocurrencies you can earn on Bitcoin Mania include:

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Dogecoin (DOGE)
  • Litecoin (LTC)
  • US Dollar Token (USDT)

Free to Play – Rollercoin vs Bitcoin Mania

Rollercoin Play Games Mine Real Crypto, Rollercoin Review
Play Games to Mine Real Crypto on Rollercoin.

In terms of earning crypto by playing games for free, Rollercoin is the clear winner compared to Bitcoin Mania.

There are currently 13 different games you can play to earn crypto for free on Rollercoin. Each game takes less than a minute to complete and awards mining power. This mining power will last between 1 and 7 days and will passively mine the crypto of your choice. There is no limit to how many games you can play, and therefore no cap on how much crypto you can earn. Mining power awarded for each game will vary based on the difficulty of the game.

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While you can earn crypto on Rollercoin just by playing free games, the only way you can earn substantial crypto on Bitcoin Mania is by investing in miners. Bitcoin Mania does provide 1 free miner when you sign up that awards 0.00000010 BTC every 24 hours, or 10 Satoshi a day. There are also 5 different games you can play, but 4 of the games only reward crypto once per day and one game you can actually lose Satoshis! By playing each of the 4 games once per day, you can earn an extra .00000135 BTC per day, or 135 Satoshis. Playing completely for free and claiming your free miner, you can earn 145 Satoshis a day, 4,350 Satoshis a month, and 49,275 Satoshis a year, or just over .00049 BTC a year.

Overall, earning crypto for free on Bitcoin Mania is not as feasible while Rollercoin provides many ways to earn crypto for playing games and even free miners to earn passive crypto income.

Passive Income – Rollercoin vs Bitcoin Mania

Rollercoin how to get RLT, Rollercoin How to earn RLT, Rollercoin how to split power
Splitting your power to mine different cryptocurrencies on Rollercoin.

The potential for passive income varies greatly between Rollercoin vs Bitcoin Mania. Both websites offer the ability to earn passive crypto income by investing in miners, but the amount and consistency of the rewards vary greatly between Bitcoin Mania vs Rollercoin.

The true passivity of your passive income varies tremendously when comparing Rollercoin vs Bitcoin Mania as well, with Bitcoin Mania requiring you to log in once a day to receive your rewards. Rewards on Bitcoin Mania do not accumulate and will be lost if you don’t claim them daily, as opposed to Rollercoin where your rewards are deposited to your in-game wallet every 5 minutes.

Rollercoin provides a greater amount of passive income when compared to Bitcoin Mania. Not only do you not have to claim your rewards everyday, rewards are larger on Rollercoin. There are more cryptocurrencies available to mine on Rollercoin and large block rewards result in greater passive income for users than on Bitcoin Mania. However, the amount of passive income you can earn on Rollercoin can fluctuate frequently. You might be earning less one week and more one week, but the average earnings on Rollercoin are still greater than the set mining rewards on Bitcoin Mania.

While you can earn more passive income overall with Rollercoin, the passive income earned on Bitcoin Mania is more consistent. The amount of passive income you earn on Rollercoin is based on the amount of mining power you have, the total amount of mining power held by everyone mining the same crypto as you, and the block reward for the crypto you are mining. Bitcoin Mania on the other hand awards a set amount of crypto for every miner, so you can buy a miner that rewards 100 Satoshis and that is the daily reward it will always give.

Earning Potential – Rollercoin vs Bitcoin Mania

Rollercoin Bonus Power, Rollercoin Electricity, Rollercoin Block Reward
Bonus Weekly Rewards in Rollercoin.

The total amount of crypto you can earn when comparing Rollercoin vs Bitcoin Mania differs drastically. In short, you can earn more crypto through Rollercoin vs Bitcoin Mania. However, there are opportunities to earn substantial amounts of crypto through each site.

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While Rollercoin offers a greater earning potential, your earnings can fluctuate and decrease as the total mining power increases. You may have to purchase additional miners to maintain your earnings in Rollercoin. Despite earning less crypto on Bitcoin Mania and having to manually claim your rewards everyday, the amount of crypto you earn is the same every single day.


Despite appearing to be similar at a glance, Rollercoin vs Bitcoin Mania are two completely different ways of earning passive crypto income. Key differences between the two sites include the need to claim rewards daily on Bitcoin Mania and the potential to earn crypto just by playing games. Overall, we believe Rollercoin is the better way than Bitcoin Mania to earn crypto for free and to earn passive income with crypto. However, you should always try to have multiple streams of income and we recommend that you try out both Rollercoin and Bitcoin Mania. Having multiple sources of income increases your total earnings and decreases your reliance on any one source.

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