Rollercoin Lunar New Year is the newest event to hit Rollercoin where you can earn rewards to boost your passive crypto income. Like with previous events like Christmas Midnight Story, this event will only be around for a limited time. With 25 different rewards available to earn, you won’t want to miss Rollercoin Lunar New Year! Keep reading for the full rewards list for Rollercoin Lunar New Year and everything else you need to know!

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Rollercoin Lunar New Year Start Date and End Date

Rollercoin Lunar New Year will last for roughly 2 weeks, the same amount of time that other limited time events usually last for. Rollercoin Lunar New Year began on January 23rd and the event will end on the 5th of February.

How to Earn Points in Rollercoin Lunar New Year

Quests for Rollercoin Lunar New Year. Spend 1 RLT for 1000 points or Get to a higher difficulty in a game for 500 points.
Main ways to earn points in Rollercoin Lunar New Year.

There are two ways that you can earn points in Rollercoin Lunar New Year. You can either earn points by playing games or by spending RLT.

Leveling up in a minigame on Rollercoin will award you 500 points towards the Rollercoin Lunar New Year Event. To level up in a game, you must successfully complete the game 3 times. This means that you won’t get any points for losing the games! To maximize the amount of points you earn, you can try playing different games to see which one you are best at. No matter the difficulty or mining power regularly awarded by a game, you will receive 500 points for leveling up no matter what game you play.

The second way to earn points in Rollercoin Lunar New Year is by spending RLT. You can get 1,000 points for every 1 RLT you spend. More precisely, you will receive 1 point for every .001 RLT that you spend. With RLT being worth $1, you can earn 10 points for a penny!

If you want to multiply how many points you earn, the RLT multiplier can help you out. Check out our previous guides for understanding the RLT multiplier!

Exclusive Rewards

Rollercoin Lunar New Year offers a huge amount of different rewards to earn. There are 25 total rewards available in Rollercoin Lunar New Year. You can earn up to 7 different miners in this limited time event, 2 of which are exclusive! Exclusive miners in the Rollercoin Lunar New Year event include:

  • Shaolin Temple – 100 Th/s and 0% Bonus Power
  • Tu Nian – 339 Th/s and 0% Bonus Power

You can also earn special racks that increase the bonus power of the miners that you place. Keep in ind that this bonus power only applies to the miners sitting on that specific rack, you won’t get bonus power for all of your miners. 2 of the racks available in Rollercoin Lunar New Year have been previously available, but the Jet Black rack is exclusive to this event.

Rollercoin Lunar New Year Full Rewards List

LevelLevel XPTotal XPRewardMining PowerBonus Power
15005001 Day Temporary Power – 15 Th/s
21,0001,500.01 RLT
34,0005,50050 Season Pass XP
42,0007,500.25 RLT
54,00011,5001 Day Temporary Power – 25 Th/s
612,50024,000150 Season Pass XP
77,00031,0003 Day Temporary Power – 45 Th/s
88,50039,500.75 RLT
932,50072,000Rolleron 7412.73 Th/s.5%
1012,50084,5001.25 RLT
1182,500167,000Wonder Rack.5% on placed miners
1221,000188,0003 Day Temporary Power – 50 Th/s
1372,500260,500JBS-20013 Th/s.5%
1431,500292,0002.5 RLT
15240,000532,000Crimson Bloom40 Th/s1%
1650,000582,0004 RLT
17141,000723,000Fortune’s Charm20 Th/s.5%
1850,500773,5004 RLT
19541,5001,315,000Shaolin Temple100 Th/s0%
20100,0001,415,000Crimson Spark20 Th/s.5%
21119,5001,534,5008 RLT
22693,0002,227,500Hasher Rack5% on placed miners
23150,0002,377,50010 RLT
24322,5002,700,000Jet Black Rack2% on Placed Miners
251,300,0004,000,000Tu Nian339 Th/s0%


Rollercoin Lunar New Year is the latest limited time event on Rollercoin with tons of free rewards to earn. This limited time event won’t be around forever though, you only have from January 23rd to February 5th to earn as many points as you can! With 7 different miners to collect, 3 special racks to boost your mining power, 200 experience points for your Season Pass, and 30.76 RLT available to earn, Rollercoin Lunar New Year is one event you won’t want to miss! Good luck earning points and we hope you earn all of the rewards you want!

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