Rollercoin Brazil Carnival is the newest limited time event on Rollercoin and your newest chance to boost your passive crypto income for free. There are 25 different rewards to earn in Rollercoin Brazil Carnival, but this event won’t be around forever! Rollercoin Brazil Carnival offers more available miners to earn than any other previous limited time event, so try to earn as many as you can! Keep reading to find out the full rewards list for Rollercoin Brazil Carnival.

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Rollercoin Brazil Carnival Start Date and End Date

Like with most other progression events on Rollercoin, Brazil Carnival only lasts for 2 weeks. Brazil Carnival started on February 15th and the event will end on March 1st. This means you have to act quick and strategically to earn all of the rewards you can!

How to Earn Points in Rollercoin Brazil Carnival

Quests Screen for Rollercoin Brazil Carnival. View ways to Earn Points and your Total Points.

There are 3 main ways to earn points in Rollercoin Brazil Carnival, with 1 of these methods being entirely new! Like with previous limited time events on Rollercoin, you can earn points by spending RLT or getting to a higher difficulty level in a game. One new way to earn points in Brazil Carnival is by spending RLT at the marketplace.

You can earn points in Brazil Carnival just by spending RLT! You can get 500 points for every 1 RLT you spend in the marketplace, or 1,000 points for RLT you spend in other locations like the shop. Keep in mind that the amount of points you earn are calculated to precise degrees, so you will actually earn 1 points for every .001 RLT you spend outside of the marketplace and 1 point for every .002 RLT you spend in the marketplace.

You can also multiply the total amount of points you earn through the RLT multiplier. More info about the RLT modifier can be found here in previous guides.

Exclusive Rewards

Exclusive Miners available in Rollercoin Brazil Carnival Event. Tamborim at 452 Th/s and Mascarado at 252 Th/s. Orange Background and Pixel Art Tropical Birds.
Exclusive Rewards for Rollercoin Brazil Carnival. Tamborim and Mascarado.

Out of 25 different rewards to collect in Rollercoin Brazil Carnival, you can earn up to 11 miners and 4 racks! 2 out of 11 miners available are completely exclusive to Rollercoin Brazil Carnival too! This means that these miners can only be found in this event, on the marketplace, or possibly in a future event!

The exclusive miners in Rollercoin Brazil Carnival include:

  • Mascarado – 252 Th/s & 1.5% Bonus Power
  • Tamborim – 452 Th/s & 3% Bonus Power

Rollercoin Brazil Carnival Full Rewards List

LevelLevel XPTotal XPRewardMining PowerBonus Power
15005001 Day Bonus Power – 10 Th/s
21,0001,500.1 RLT
34,0005,50025 Season Pass XP
42,0007,500RollerArc S1150 Gh/s.1%
54,00011,5001 Day Bonus Power – 20 Th/s
612,50024,00075 Season Pass XP
77,00031,5003 Day Temporary Power – 25 Th/s
88,50039,500Rollerminer S71.3 Th/s.25%
932,50072,000Mergedge3.82 Th/s0%
108,00080,0003 Day Bonus Power – 50 Th/s
1152,000132,000Jet Black Rack – 6 Cells2% to Placed Mienrs
1227,500159,500RollerMiner S5+4 Th/s.5%
13100,000259,500Jet Black Rack – 8 Cells3% to Placed Miners
1432,000291,5003 Day Bonus Power – 75 Th/s
15295,000586,500Rare Jungle King93.24 Th/s.5%
1653,000639,5001,000 RST
1792,000731,500o Mineiro59.37 Th/s0%
1852,000783,500Jet Black Rack – 6 Cells2% to Placed Miners
19450,0001,213,500Uncommon Dancing Queen180.16 Th/s.8%
20100,0001,313,5001,500 RST
21110,0001,423,500Chaise Lounge25 Th/s.3%
22765,0002,188,500Mascarado250 Th/s1.5%
23141,5002,330,000Hasher Rack – 8 Cells5% to Placed Miners
24295,0002,625,000Rare Jungle King93.24 Th/s.6%
251,325,0003,950,000Tamborim452 Th/s3%


Rollercoin Brazil Carnival is one limited time progression event you won’t want to miss. With 25 different rewards, including 11 miners and 4 racks, Rollercoin Brazil Carnival can be a great way to increase your earnings on Rollercoin for free. This event won’t be around forever though! You only have until March 1st to earn as many free rewards as you can!

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