Rollercoin Christmas Midnight Story is the newest event on Rollercoin for the holiday season of 2022 where you can boost your passive income for free. Like with other limited time events like Indonesian Wild Holidays, Rollercoin Christmas Midnight Story only lasts for a limited amount of time! You can earn rewards like miners, season pass experience, and even RLT completely for free! Keep reading for the Rollercoin Christmas Midnight Story event full rewards list and other important information!

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Rollercoin Christmas Midnight Story Start Date and End Date

Rollercoin Christmas Midnight Story began on December 28th and will end on January 10th. This gives you roughly 2 weeks to earn as many points and redeem as many free rewards as you can! Christmas Midnight Story lasts the standard amount that previous Rollercoin events have lasted.

How to Earn Points in Rollercoin Christmas Midnight Story

Just like with previous limited time events on Rollercoin, there are 2 main ways to earn points in Christmas Midnight Story. You can earn points by spending RLT or by leveling up in games.

The first and most straightforward way to earn points in Rollercoin Christmas Midnight Story is through spending RLT. RLT is the native currency for Rollercoin and is worth the equivalent of $1. You will receive 1,000 points for every 1 RLT that you spend. The amount of points you earn is calculated by individual points, meaning you will actually get 1 point for every .001 RLT you spend! You can earn points by spending RLT almost anywhere on Rollercoin, including the classic shop, the Christmas advent calendar, crafting and merging, the marketplace, and weekly offers!

The other way to earn points in Rollercoin Midnight Christmas Story is by playing games. You will receive 500 points every time you level up in a game. Games level up in difficulty every 3 times that you beat a game. Keep in mind that you can only level up if you win a game and that games get harder to beat the more you level up! Try playing different types of games to max out how many points you can earn! Every game on Rollercoin can be completed in less than 1 minute, allowing you to earn a lot of points.

RLT Multiplier

The RLT Multiplier is a mainstay of Rollercoin limited-time events and has returned for Rollercoin Christmas Midnight Story. Basically, you can multiply the amount of points you earn from completing quests by spending RLT. You can increase the RLT multiplier by .1 for every 1 RLT you spend. The RLT Mutiplier has a maximum limit of 10x, so you can spend 90 RLT to reach the maximum. RLT Multipliers only last for 1 hour but are extended by 1 hour every time you spend RLT, so you can maintain your 10x by only spending one RLT before your multiplier expires.

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Rollercoin Christmas Midnight Story Exclusive Rewards

2 of the miners available to earn in Christmas Midnight Story.

Despite there being 25 different rewards and 9 different miners available in Rollercoin Christmas Midnight story, none of the rewards are exclusive to this event. You can purchase miners available in this event through the marketplace or you may have gotten a few in the past from previous events. Additionally, you can earn 750 experience points towards your Season Pass, or the equivalent of 2 levels and 20 RLT. You can also earn 12.5 RLT and 2,670 RST from the event!

Full Rewards List for Rollercoin Christmas Midnight Story

LevelLevel XPTotal XPRewardMining PowerBonus Power
18408401 Day Temporary Power – 25 Th/s
21,6802,5201 RLT
36,7209,240Mergedge3.8 Th/s0%
43,36012,60025 Season Pass Experience
56,72019,320120 RST
625,20044,52055 Season Pass Experience
711,76056,2803 Day Temporary Power – 25 Th/s
814,28070,560200 RST
950,400120,960120 Season Pass Experience
1021,000141,9601.5 RLT
11138,600280,560Nuc Miner25 Th/s.5%
1243,680324,240S5+ Miner4 Th/s.5%
13138,600462,840300 Season Pass Experience
1469,720532,560400 RST
15278,040810,600Gingerbread Miner75 Th/s1.5%
1684,000894,600Candy Box Miner10 Th/s.25%
17378,8401,273,440AfterParty125 Th/s1%
18101,6401,375,080250 Season Pass Experience
191,195,3202,570,400Prescilla Miner100 Th/s1.5%
20211,6802,782,080Mine’ n Bass50 Th/s.5%
21133,5602,915,640750 RST
221,255,8004,171,440Candysweet250 Th/s4%
23176,4004,347,84010 RLT
24213,3604,561,2001200 RST
252,158,8006,700,000Polar Express270 Th/s4%


Rollercoin Christmas Midnight Story is yet another great limited-time event introduced by Rollercoin where you can boost your passive crypto income for free. With 9 total miners available to earn, 750 experience points towards your event pass, plus RLT and RST, you won’t want to miss out on Rollercoin Christmas Midnight Story! Keep in mind you only have until January 10th to earn points and redeem rewards.

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