Rollercoin has introduced another limited time event to earn passive crypto income online called Dia de Muertos. This special event is very similar to other limited time events hosted on Rollercoin like the Golden Hour event and the Mid Summer Festival. Just as a quick run down, Dia de Muertos is completely free to participate in and you can earn additional crypto passive income just by earning points! You have to act quick though, this is a limited time event and only lasts for 2 weeks! Keep reading to learn about all the rewards available in Rollercoin Dia de Muertos and how you can earn points to unlock them!

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Rollercoin Dia de Muertos Event Start Date and End Date

Like with other Rollercoin limited time events, the Dia de Muertos event only lasts for a short 2 weeks. This means you have to use your time wisely and plan your path strategically if you want to earn enough points to get all of the rewards. The Dia de Muertos event began on October 21st and the end date is November 3rd.

How to Earn Points in Rollercoin Dia de Muertos?

Quests for Rollercoin Dia de Muertos. Spend 1 RLT for 1,000 Points or  Level Up for 500 points.
The User Interface for the Rollercoin Dia de Muertos Event along with your Point Progress and Quests to Earn Points.

There are two different ways that you can earn points and progress in the Rollercoin Dia de Muertos event. Compared to previous Rollercoin limited time events, the Rollercoin Dia de Muertos awards a lot more points but also requires a lot more points to progress.

The first way to earn points in the Dia de Muertos event is by playing games. You can earn 500 points every time you level up in a game. Games level up in difficulty for every 3 times you succesfully complete a game, games do not level up if you lose! That works out to about 166.66 points per game you complete, assuming you win your chosen game every time you play. You can make the most out of your time by playing games and earning points for the Dia de Muertos event, daily quests, weekly quests, and Season 6 quests all at the same time!

The second way you can earn points in the Rollercoin Dia de Muertos Event is by spending RLT. You will earn 1,000 points in the Dia de Muertos event for every 1 RLT that you spend. In fact, the calculations are even more precise and reward 1 point for every .001 RLT that you spend. For example, if you buy a parts on sale for a total of 3.5 RLT, you will receive 3,500 points. Unlike previous events, RLT spent in the marketplace or used to craft new miners will count towards spent RLT for the Dia de Muertos event and will award points!

RLT Multiplier

RLT Multiplier. .2 Increase per 1 RLT spent.
The RLT Multiplier for Rollercoin Dia de Muertos. Increase your multiplier by .2 for every 1 RLT you spend.

You can scale the amount of points you earn in the Rollercoin Dia de Muertos event through the RLT Multiplier. The RLT Multiplier allows you to multiply the amount of points you earn just by spending RLT! You can increase the rate at which you earn points in Rollercoin Dia de Muertos by .2 for every RLT you spend. The RLT Multiplier can reach a maximum of 10x by spending 50 RLT.

One thing to keep in mind is that your RLT Multiplier only lasts for an hour. So if you spend 50 RLT and receive a 10x RLT Multiplier, you will receive 10,000 points for spending RLT and 5,000 points for leveling up in games but only for the next hour. While your multiplier will usually reset back to a regular multiplier of 1x after 1 hour, you can extend and maintain your multiplier by spending additional RLT. Every 1 RLT you spend will extend the length of your multiplier to be 1 hour from your most recent purchase.

For example, if you buy 1 RLT at 8:00, you will have a 1.2x multiplier until 9:00. If you buy another 1 RLT at 8:45, you will have a 1.4x multiplier until 9:45.

Rollercoin Dia de Muertos Exclusive Rewards

Rollercoin Dia de Muertos Promotional Image. Cartoon Hamsters dressed as in skull costumes.
Promotional Image for Rollercoin Dia de Muertos.

There are 2 miners available in the Rollercoin Dia de Muertos event that you can’t find anywhere else: the Danze de la Muerte and the Calaveras. You can also earn a unique cosmetic from the event, the El Sombrero de Catrina hat.

  • Danze de la Muerte – 131.2 Th/s, 0% – Level 19
  • Calaveras – 430.5 Th/s, 0% – Level 25

The Rollercoin Dia de Muertos event also offers an entirely new reward for limited time events: XP for the Rollercoin Season 6 Event Pass! For the first time ever, you can actually earn progress in the Season Event through a limited time event. You can earn a total of 1,650 XP for the Rollercoin Season 6: Magic Carnival Event Pass, or the equivalent of over 3 levels!

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Rollercoin Dia de Muertos Full Rewards List

LevelLevel XPTotal XPRewardMining PowerBonus Power
15005001 Day Temporary Power – 15 Th/s
22,0002,50050 RST
38,00010,500100 Event Pass XP
44,00014,500El Sombrero de Catrina – Hat
58,00022,500100 RST
625,00047,5002 RLT
714,00061,5003 Day Temporary Power – 25 Th/s
817,00078,500200 RST
965,000143,500200 Event Pass XP
1025,000168,5002 RLT
11165,000333,500200 Event Pass XP
1242,000375,5503 Day Temporary Power – 50 Th/s
13135,000510,500Entminer22 Th/s0%
1463,000573,500300 RST
15460,0001,033,500Cerberus63 Th/s0%
16100,0001,133,500350 Event Pass XP
17322,0001,455,500Blaze Dragon47.2 Th/s0%
18121,0001,576,500600 RST
19753,0002,369,500Danza de la Muerte131.2 Th/s0%
20437,0002,806,50020 RLT
21299,0003,105,5001,500 RST
221,265,0004,370,500Hellcat188.1 Th/s0%
23580,0004,950,500Rainbow Fairy89.6 Th/s0%
24634,0005,584,500800 Event Pass XP
252,415,0007,999,500Calaveras430.5 Gh/s0%


Rollercoin Dia de Muertos is the newest Rollercoin limited time event with a few major changes. The amount of points required to complete this event has increased tremendously since previous events but the amount of points rewarded has grown as well. With 2 miners totally exclusive to the Dia de Muertos event and 25 rewards availale in total, Rollercoin Dia de Muertos is one event you won’t want to miss! If you want to cash in on the sweet rewards and boost your online passive income earnings, you have to move fast! Rollercoin Dia de Muertos is only available until November 3rd, so now is your chance to start earning free rewards and collecting more passive crypto!

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