Rollercoin Season 6: Magic Carnival has finally arrived and marks the introduction of long awaited features to Rollercoin. Earn more free rewards than ever in Rollercoin Season 6 with a total of 20 entirely free rewards! With 10 new miners, 20 free rewards, and tons of bonus content to increase your crypto passive income, you definitely won’t want to miss Rollercoin Season 6! Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about Rollercoin Season 6: Magic Carnival and everything it introduced like the Marketplace and Crafting.

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Rollercoin Season 6 Release Date and End Date

Rollercoin Season 6: Magic Carnival from September 14th to November 30th.
Catch Rollercoin Season 6: Magic Carnival from September 14th to November 30th.

Rollercoin Season 6 began on September 14th and will end on November 30th. This leaves you roughly 2.5 months to complete your Season 6 Event Pass, or basically the entire season of Autumn! With new tasks available to complete daily, this leaves a lot of potential to earn free rewards on Rollercoin and increase your crypto passive income!

Rollercoin Marketplace

Rollercoin Marketplace Interface. Buy and Sell Miners, Parts, and Racks. Search by Price Range. Statistics showing Volume and Items Sold.
Buy and Sell Miners, Parts, and Racks with Other Players on the Rollercoin Marketplace.

The introduction of Rollercoin Season 6: Magic Carnival also marked the introduction of possibly the most anticipated feature ever released on Rollercoin: the Rollercoin Marketplace. Players can finally buy and sell miners, parts, and racks with other players.

To get started using the new Rollercoin Marketplace, just click on the ‘Marketplace’ tab next to the ‘E-Pass’ tab on the top bar. Filter the items shown to you by type, like miners, parts, and racks; price in RLT; power; and quantity of the item.

Rollercoin Crafting

Rollercoin Crafting Interface. Craft New Miners with Parts. 3 Different  Miners Displayed.
Craft New Rollercoin Miners by Collecting Multiple Miners, Enough Parts, and a Small Amount of RLT.

Rollercoin Crafting is another long awaited feature finally introduced to Rollercoin with Season 6: Magic Carnival. Start crafting new miners with the ‘Crafting’ tab next to the marketplace on the top bar.

To craft new miners, you need 2 of the same miner as well as some upgrade parts. There is a small RLT cost to upgrade miners as well, with this cost varying based on how the power of the miner you are crafting.

Miners can be upgraded from level 1 to level 5, with each level granting increases in both base mining power and bonus mining power percentage boosts. To craft a miner of a higher level, you need 2 miners of the lower level. For example, you would need 2 level 3 miners in order to craft a level 4 miners, along with the parts and a small amount of RLT.

Rollercoin Season Tokens (RST)

Rollercoin Season 6 Store. Buy Miners, Lotoboxes, and Cosmetics for Rollercoin Season Token.
Spend your Rollercoin Season Tokens / RST for Lootboxes, Cosmetics, and Limited Time Miners in the Season Store.

Another interesting mechanic released in Rollercoin Season 6 is the introduction of another in-game currency alongside RLT called RST, or Rollercoin Season Tokens.

You can use Rollercoin Season Tokens to purchase limited time miners, lootboxes, and cosmetics from the store. Limited time items available for RST can be found in the store under the ‘Season Store’ tab.

Unlike RLT, you can not exchange other cryptocurrencies for Rollercoin Season Token. The only ways to earn RST is by completing new daily and weekly tasks introduced in Rollercoin Season 6, completing tasks in the event pass, or by mining.

You can earn Rollercoin Season Token by completing short tasks daily and slightly longer tasks on a weekly basis. Daily and weekly tasks can include activities like playing a certain game, buying a lootbox, completing a task from the task wall, using the new crafting system, and much more. Many of the daily tasks available are the same tasks needed to earn XP in the Season 6 Event Pass, allowing you earn to XP and RST at the same time!

How Much XP Can You Earn Daily in Rollercoin Season 6?

Speaking of XP, you can earn XP for your Rollercoin Season 6 Event Pass everyday just by completing simple daily tasks. You can find these daily tasks on the ‘E-Pass’ page under the ‘Daily Tasks’ section. These tasks can include small tasks like visiting Rollercoin’s social media pages, larger tasks like completing a certain amount of a certain game, and large tasks like spending RLT.

There are a whopping 12 different daily tasks that you can complete to earn XP in the Rollercoin Season 6 Event Pass. You can earn 186 XP every single day by completing every daily task.

With each of the 30 levels of the Rollercoin Season 6 Event Pass requiring 500 XP, you can unlock one level roughly every 3 days just by completing every daily task!

In addition to daily tasks, you can also earn XP for your Rollercoin Season 6 Event Pass just by logging in once a day! The XP you can earn from the daily bonus ranges from 2 XP to 55 XP.

Rollercoin Season 6 Free Pass vs Premium Pass vs Complete Pass

Rollercoin Season 6 Premium Event  Pass for 99.95 RLT and Rollercoin Season 6 Complete Pass for 599.95 RLT.
Event Pass for Rollercoin Season 6: Magic Carnival.

The choice between the Free Pass, Premium Pass, and Complete Pass for Rollercoin Season 6: Magic Carnival is a tougher choice than any other season before.

The Rollercoin Season 6 Free Pass is completely free, allowing you to earn all of the free rewards on the pass once you reach the required XP. There are more free rewards in Season 6 than any other season on Rollercoin, making the Rollercoin Season 6 Free Pass an enticing offer. Out of 30 rewards available, you can earn 20 entirely for free!

The Rollercoin Season 6 Premium Pass costs 120 RLT and allows you to earn every single reward on the pass once you get enough XP. This pass can be worth it if you are intending to grind out some XP on your Event Pass.

The Complete Pass for Rollercoin Season 6 is a bit pricier at a starting price of roughly 600 RLT. However, you will unlock every single reward with the Rollercoin Season 6 Complete Pass without having to earn any XP! You can also buy the Complete Pass at a reduced price by earning XP. Every level you complete on the Rollercoin Season 6 Event Pass will reduce the price of the Complete Pass by 15 RLT.

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Rollercoin Season 6 Full Rewards List

There are 30 different rewards to earn in Rollercoin Season 6: Magic Carnival, with 20 of those rewards being available entirely for free! Here are all of the rewards available in Rollercoin Season 6 along with whether that reward is free or requires a paid pass.

1Golden Ticket Miner – 162.5 GH/sPass
23 Day Temporary Power – 100 GH/sFree
3Leap, the Frogo – 10 GH/sFree
47 Day Temporary Power – 100 GH/sFree
5500 Rollercoin Season Token (RST)Pass
6Thrill Rider – 13 GH/sFree
71000 Rollercoin Season Token (RST)Pass
87 Day Bonus Power – 150 GH/sFree
9Magician’s Hat (Hat)Free
10Fortune Teller – 162.5 GH/sPass
11Golden Rabbit (Trophy)Free
121000 Rollercoin Season Token (RST)Pass
13500 Rollercoin Season Token (RST)Free
1414 Day Temporary Power – 150 GH/sFree
151500 Rollercoin Season Token (RST)Pass
16Savantron – 27 GH/sFree
172000 Rollercoin Season Token (RST)Pass
18500 Rollercoin Season Token (RST)Free
1914 Day Bonus Power – 250 GH/sFree
20Not-A-Loose-Cannon – 262.5 GH/sPass
21Target Floof – 56 GH/sFree
22500 Rollercoin Season Token (RST)Free
2321 Day Bonus Power – 250 GH/sFree
24500 Rollercoin Season Token (RST)Free
25Illusionist’s Box – 400 GH/sPass
26Rollershow – 90 GH/sFree
27500 Rollercoin Season Token (RST)Free
28Diamond Rabbit (Trophy)Free
29500 Rollercoin Season Token (RST)Free
30Guess-the-Card – 1,000 GH/sPass


Rollercoin Season 6: Magic Carnival certainly is an exciting season of Rollercoin. With 30 rewards total and 20 of those rewards being free, you won’t want to miss out on increasing your crypto passive income earnings in Rollercoin Season 6! Check out the long-awaited features introduced to Rollercoin in Season 6: Magic Carnival too, like the long-awaited Rollercoin Marketplace and the new merging system! What are you waiting for? Rollercoin Season 6 is over on November 30th, so get rewards to boost your crypto passive income while this season is available!

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