Rollercoin Season 5 has just released to the public with a ton of new rewards. Aptly named, Rollercoin Season 5: Beach Party lasts for the entire summer and is themed around summertime and the beach. With 13 new miners available to earn, Rollercoin Season 5 is a great way to increase your passive income earnings with Rollercoin. Keep reading to find out about the Rollercoin Season 5 release date, how long the season will last, Rollercoin Season 5 rewards, and much more!

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Rollercoin Season 5 Release Date and End Date

Rollercoin Season 5: Beach Party Length and Announcement.

Rollercoin Season 5: Beach Party is the longest seasonal event introduced in Rollercoin so far. The release date of Rollercoin Season 5 was June 9th and the event will last until the end of summer on August 31st. That’s 83 days total to progress in the event pass and earn rewards!

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Rollercoin Season 5 Rewards

All of the Rewards for Rollercoin Season 5.

There are 45 different rewards for Rollercoin Season 5: Beach Party, including 13 new miners and 22 miners total. Each level of rewards requires 100 XP, making the entire pass require 4,500 XP to complete entirely. In addition to miners, you can also earn trophies, parts to upgrade miners, cosmetics like room skins and hats, and temporary boosts to your mining power. The extended length of the new season on Rollercoin means everybody has a chance to earn some free rewards and increase their passive income earnings.

The 13 new miners rewarded by the Rollercoin Season 5 Event Pass give 1,785,001 GH/s worth of mining power and 16.01% bonus mining power. You can also unlock exclusive miners from previous seasons as well.

How Much Season Pass XP Can You Earn Every Day?

Rollercoin Season 5 Event Pass Tasks. Complete games, go to social pages, refer friend
Example of Rollercoin Daily XP Tasks from Rollercoin Season 3. Same tasks with Different XP Rewards compared to Rollercoin Season 5.

There are two main ways to earn season pass XP in Rollercoin Season 5. You get XP every day just for logging in and you can earn XP by completing simple daily tasks.

Daily log-in XP for Rollercoin Season 5 amounts to 135 XP every single week. With almost 12 weeks for the entire season, you can unlock roughly 16 levels for free just by logging in. At a value of 10 RLT per level, you saved approximately 160 dollars on your Rollercoin Season 5 Premium Pass just by logging in!

There are also daily tasks you can complete to progress in the Rollercoin Season 5 Event Pass. Daily tasks include completing specific games, visiting Rollercoin social pages, buying Rollercoin lootboxes, and more. You can earn up to 53 XP every day by completing every task available. At 83 total days in Rollercoin Season 5, you can earn 4,814 XP total which is 300 XP more than the total amount needed to complete the pass. Completing every level on the Event Pass will decrease the price of the Premium Pass by 10 RLT per level, or essentially 450 dollars worth.

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Rollercoin Season 5 Free Pass vs Upgrade Pass vs Premium Pass

Rollercoin Season 5 Upgrade Pass vs Premium Pass.

There are 3 different passes that award different rewards on the Rollercoin Season 5: Beach Party Event Pass. You can unlock free items with the Free Pass, unlock items as you progress in the season with the Upgrade Pass, or unlock all rewards immediately with the Premium Pass.

The Free Pass awards every free reward on the event pass as you reach that level. 16 out of the 45 levels gives free rewards. The Free Pass is a good way to earn some extra mining power without having to invest. You can earn 6 different miners for free from the Free Pass.

The Upgrade Pass costs 120 RLT, the equivalent of 120 dollars. You earn rewards from the Upgrade Pass as you progress in the event pass. For example, when you are at level 12, you get the rewards from level 12. The price of the Upgrade Pass does not decrease as you progress in the event pass.

The starting price of the Premium Pass is 570 RLT, or 570 dollars. Each level in the event pass that you complete decreases the price of the Premium Pass by 10 RLT, amounting to a total discount of 450 RLT to a price of 120 RLT if you complete the entire pass of 45 levels. If you are completing the entire pass, the Upgrade Pass and the Premium Pass are the same price for the same rewards. The premium pass awards every single reward available to you that you haven’t claimed already. Even if you haven’t completed a single level, you will get all 45 levels worth of rewards by purchasing the Premium Pass.

Rollercoin Hats

New Hats from Rollercoin Season 5 and How to Equip them.

The ability to change your avatar’s hat on Rollercoin has been introduced with Rollercoin Season 5. There are 2 new hats you can unlock in the new season: the Super Mega Cap and the Beach Bucket.

You can change your avatar’s hat on Rollercoin now by navigating to the shop tab on the top of the page. Once on the shop page, there is another tab that says ‘Avatar Hats’ where you can choose which hat you want your avatar to wear.

Rollercoin Marketplace?

Expected Timeline for Rollercoin Season 5: Beach Party.

While the Rollercoin Marketplace was expected to be released alongside the launch of Rollercoin Season 5, that does not seem to be the case. The Rollercoin Marketplace is a highly anticipated feature where players can buy and sell miners. It is likely that the Rollercoin Marketplace will be released later on in Season 5 alongside larger economic updates to the Rollercoin economy. Future updates to the Rollercoin Economy include only placed miners giving bonus power, reworked miner crafting and upgrading, and more transparent drops from Rollercoin mini-games.


Rollercoin Season 5 seems to be one of the best seasonal events on Rollercoin so far. The wide array and immense mining power of the miners offered in the Rollercoin Season 5 event pass paired with the extended duration of the event make this season an event you won’t want to miss. Whether you choose the Free Pass, the Upgrade Pass, or the Premium Pass, this is a great opportunity to boost your passive income on Rollercoin. Stay tuned for future updates to the Rollercoin Economy and even the release of the Rollercoin Marketplace in Rollercoin Season 5!

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