Wouldn’t it be great to make money writing about your experiences on cruises? Imagine making money sitting on the balcony of a cruise ship by blogging on your laptop while watching the water pass by. Luckily, the rise of the internet age has made it possible to make money blogging about cruises. Learn how to make money blogging about cruises in 4 easy steps.

Make passive income from writing about your favorite cruise ships, favorite places to cruise to, and more! Blogging about cruises lets you make passive income anywhere in the world, even from a cruise ship!

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Step #1 to Make Money Blogging About Cruises – Deciding your Niche

Specific cruise lines and cruise destinations are good sources of inspiration for niches. commons.wikimedia.org

When thinking about how to make money blogging about cruises, the first thing you must consider is what part of cruising you want to write about, or your niche.

There are a variety of niches you can use to make money blogging about cruises, with a few cruise blog examples including:

Niche blogs about specific cruise destinations like

  • Popular destinations like a Caribbean Cruise Blog
  • More niche destinations like a Hozugawa River Cruise Blog

Cruise blogs about specific cruise lines like

  • Carnival Cruise Blog
  • Celebrity Cruise Blog

Blogs about specific destinations on specific cruise lines like

  • Disney Panama Canal Cruise Blog
  • Norwegian Alaska Cruise Blog

In general, the more specific your niche, the better. There are tons of blogs writing about general topics like cruises, but how many are writing about niche topics like river cruises in the Midwestern United States?

Step #2 to Make Money Blogging about Cruises – Setting up your Cruise Blog

Setting up your cruise blog is a crucial step in making money blogging about cruises. After all, you can’t make money blogging about cruises if you don’t have a blog! 3 main steps to setting up your cruise blog include buying a domain name, acquiring hosting, and designing your website.

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Domain Name

Picking out the right domain name is an important part of creating any blog. The perfect domain name should communicate the purpose of your cruise blog while not limiting the scope of your blog. For example, an article on cruises to Alaska may seem out of place on a domain name like SuperMegaCaribbeanCruises.com as opposed to a site like SuperMegaCruises.com. Your website name should be easy to remember too.

We recommend you get a .com website as well, although you could try other extensions like .travel or .blog. You should use a .com domain extension simply because it is the most well known, with .com being seen as the default extension.

There are many different ways to purchase a domain name. Often you can purchase domain names from your hosting provider. While many recommend purchasing your hosting and domain name from separate providers, it can be easier for newcomers to set up hosting and domain names when purchased from the same provider.

Google Domains is a popular platform for purchasing domain names.


Example of servers used to host your website. commons.wikimedia.org

Picking the right hosting plan is integral to the success of your cruise blog and your ability to make money blogging about cruises. Balancing the needs of your website with your budget is key to running a successful cruise blog. Don’t feel pressured to buy the biggest hosting package you can find, you can always upgrade your hosting as your website grows. Basic hosting packages are more than enough for most beginning bloggers as blogs take time to grow.

Server uptime, speed, bandwidth limits, disk space, and customer support are all key factors to keep in mind when choosing a hosting package for your cruise blog.

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Designing your Blog

Picking the right aesthetic and design for your cruise blog is an essential component of making money blogging about cruises. No one wants to read an article with a bright background and no images that looks like it was made 20 years ago! Design your website to be easy on the eyes and easy to read. Color choice is another impactful design decision for your cruise blog, with many cruise blogs opting for ‘beachy’ colors like ocean blue, sandy yellow, and light teal.

Images are a great tool in cruise blogs especially; you should place images to help describe cruise ships and destinations as well as to break up text in your articles. These images can be pictures you take or just stock photos to help prove a point.

Designing your website is no longer the monumental task it once was. You can design a website today with just basic computer skills, no coding necessary! Building your website can be as easy as using a drag and drop.

Assigning your articles to the right categories is another important part of designing your cruise blog. Using appropriate categorization lets users on your blog find what they want to read. You could have categories for cruise destinations like Alaska and the Caribbean, categories for different cruise lines, or any other ways you could think to group your content together.

In addition to designing your cruise blog, there are key pages you should include on your blog as well. Make sure to set up an ‘About Us’ page, a ‘Privacy Policy’ page, and a ‘Contact’ page. These important pages are essential for making your cruise blog official.

Step #3 to Make Money Blogging about Cruises – Monetize your Cruise Blog

There are loads of different ways to make money with your cruise blog. Some of the most common ways to make money blogging about cruises include ad revenue, affiliate marketing, digital products, and sponsorships. You should try employing many different forms of monetization to make money with your cruise blog.

Ad Revenue

Ad revenue is the main answer to how to make money blogging about cruises. Ad revenue is based on your blog traffic, or the amount of people reading your blog. Your niche also influences your ad revenue. Travel blogs often receive relatively higher amounts of ad revenue when compared to other niches. You will receive ad revenue for your cruise blog based on how many people see your ads and how many people click on your ads. Some popular platforms for earning ad revenue include Google AdSense, Ezoic, AdThrive, and Mediavine.

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Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is another large source of income for many cruise blogs. Cruise blogs have a large option of different affiliate programs for monetizing your travel blog. Affiliate marketing basically means that you get a commission or percentage of sales when people click on your affiliate link and buy a product. Using affiliate links never costs the user anything extra, the company pays the affiliate marketer for driving traffic to the product.

The Amazon affiliate program is a very popular way to make money blogging about cruises. You could advertise a variety of products related to cruising to make money blogging about cruises. Some products on Amazon that you could use affiliate marketing for on a cruise blog include suitcases, travel clothing like hats and jackets, travel shoes, and much more.

Many cruise lines, travel agents, and booking websites offer generous commissions through affiliate programs to make money blogging about cruises. You can earn a percentage of every sale from referring customers that book cruises or hotel rooms.

If you are using affiliate marketing on your cruise blog, you must provide a disclaimer saying so. The more apparent the disclaimer, the better.

Digital Products

Digital products are a leading way to monetize your cruise blog. From e-books to digital courses, there are a wide variety of ways to make money blogging about cruises with digital products.

You could write your very own travel guide for a cruise destination and sell it through your cruise blog. Travel guides are a very popular digital product used to monetize cruise blogs.

Digital courses are another popular digital product used to make money blogging about cruises. You could sell a digital course teaching an important niche skill in cruising, like how to cruise on a budget or how to explore cruise destinations like a local.


You can make money blogging about cruises by getting sponsored by cruise lines, excursion companies, or other cruise related companies to write sponsored posts. Sponsored posts are posts paid for by an external company to review or advertise a product like a cruise or excursion. The amount you can earn from sponsored posts varies drastically based on how much traffic your cruise blog receives and what kind of product you are advertising. Monetizing your cruise blog with sponsorships may be a good idea once your blog starts receiving large amounts of traffic.

Step #4 to Make Money Blogging about Cruises – Keep Writing!

The Norwegian Bliss docked in Seattle, or possibly your next office!  commons.wikimedia.org

Blogging certainly won’t make you rich overnight, but consistent writing may result in a consistent passive income. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t see immediate results, blogging can take months or even years to become a substantial source of income. Many blogs see barely any traffic in the first few months, which is the point where many bloggers decide to give up as well. Just remember that each and every article that you publish increases the chance of success for your cruise blog. High quality content and consistent posting are essential factors for success in making money blogging about cruises.

Researching Cruise Blog Niche Articles

Consistently publishing high quality content is the key to a successful cruise blog, but it can be challenging to keep coming up with article ideas. Luckily, there are a wide range of tools you can use to get inspiration for writing articles for your cruise blog.

Google Alphabet Soup method in action suggesting potential keywords for your cruise blog. Screenshot from Google.com

Since a large majority of your traffic will likely come from Google, that makes Google a great way to research ideas for blog posts. One popular method is called the ‘Alphabet Soup’ method. This method consists of typing in a basic phrase and a letter like ‘Caribbean Cruise Best T’ into Google Search. Google will try to auto fill your search with suggestions like ‘Caribbean Cruise Best Time to Go’ and ‘Royal Caribbean Cruise Best Travel Agent’. These autosuggestions can be an amazing way to brainstorm some ideas for your cruise blog.

Google Related Searches method for finding keywords for your cruise blog. Screenshot from google.com

The ‘Related Searches’ tab at the bottom of the search results also provides valuable keyword ideas. Basically, you want to write articles that people are searching for. There are many free tools that can help to estimate the search volume of a given term as well. Some keywords will be more competitive than others, meaning new blogs won’t be able to rank or receive traffic for that term. There are also free tools that you can use to estimate the competitiveness of a search term.


Making money blogging about cruises is no easy task, but if done right can be a very rewarding accomplishment. With such a low cost of entry and high potential for earnings, blogging about cruises can be a competitive but fun way to earn money by writing about what you enjoy. Setting up your cruise blog is as simple as deciding on your niche, picking and buying a domain name for your cruise blog, buying hosting for your blog, and designing your website. Making money blogging about cruises can be achieved through ad revenue, affiliate marketing, sponsorships, and digital products. Consistently writing top notch articles is the most important part of making money blogging about cruises. Just start writing and you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve!

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