Lofty AI has made real estate investing much more accessible to the majority of people. Imagine if instead of having to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to purchase a rental property, you could buy a percentage of a property for much less. With Lofty AI, you can start receiving rental income with just $50! is a platform on the Algorand blockchain used for buying and selling tokenized real estate. Not sure what half of the words in that sentence mean? Don’t worry! Keep reading this Lofty AI review to find out all about tokenized real estate on

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How does Lofty AI Work? homepage. Tokenized Real Estate Investing with Algorand
Start investing in tokenized real estate with only $50. Homepage of

Lofty AI is a platform for buying and selling tokenized real estate on the Algorand blockchain. You can buy, manage, receive rent from, and sell shares of rental properties directly from your Algorand wallet! Not only is a groundbreaking platform for the Algorand ecosystem, it’s actually the first tokenized real estate platform on the Algorand blockchain!

There are a variety of different properties across 10 different cities available on Lofty and each is split into multiple individual shares in a process called tokenized real estate. Rather than having to buy an entire property to earn rental income, you can buy a single token, or share, of a property for just $50!

Don’t worry about having to manage your new property either as property management and upkeep is handled entirely by third party managers hired by These property managers will also collect rent for you, making owning a share of tokenized real estate a very hands-off process. Unfortunately, the hands-off nature of tokenized real estate also means that you can’t show up to the property and expect to stay the night!

Remember, you are buying a share of a property alongside many other people in a process called tokenized real estate. Speaking of tokenized real estate.

What is Tokenized Real Estate?

Tokenized real estate is basically a share in a property represented on the blockchain as a token. The concept of being able to purchase, own, and receive rent from shares of properties entirely through a blockchain is a novel concept that is fresh to the scene. This review wouldn’t be complete without touching on tokenized real estate!

Tokenized real estate is somewhat similar to REITs, or Real Estate Investment Trusts, where you can also invest in property without having to purchase an entire property yourself. One main difference between tokenized real estate and REITs is that you are investing in an individual property with tokenized real estate whereas with REITs you are purchasing a share of a trust investing in a variety of different properties. The most obvious distinction between REITs and is that your ownership of a share of a property is verified as a token on a blockchain with tokenized real estate, as the name implies.

There is also one more unique feature of tokenized real estate in that token holders can actively vote on measures for your property in a system called governance.

Lofty AI Governance System

Lofty AI Governance Vote delivered by email. Vote for option 1, offer tenant cash to vacate the property, or option 2, start the eviction process immediately.
Example of a decision put up to governance on Vote for 1 of 2 options regarding your property, in this case evicting a tenant or offering cash to leave.

Like mentioned above, the governance system on Lofty AI allows all of the token holders of a property to vote on important matters relevant to your shared rental property. Some matters you can vote on alongside other token holders for a property on include changing the price of rent, selling the property, evicting tenants, and more. After voting has completed, the decision that gets at least 60% of the votes will be sent to the property manager to be enacted. You will be notified by email both when a vote becomes active and once the winning vote has been cast.

When the property requires upkeep but doesn’t require a vote, you will also receive updates by email letting you know of any maintenance. Some of these decisions that are handled by the property manager and don’t require a vote include matters like fixing a leak, painting, repairing drywall, or other minor tasks.

Governance Vote Results on delivered by email. 85.5% of tokens voted to offer tenant cash to vacate the property.
Example of a Lofty AI Governance Vote Result. See which option won and by how many tokens worth of votes. In this case, option 1 won with 85.5% of the votes to offer the tenant cash to vacate the property.

To make sure that governance of a property isn’t dominated by a single individual, you can only buy 10% of the available shares of a given property. If a property is listed for longer than 3 days, you can buy up to 15% of the shares.

What Kind of Properties are on Lofty AI?

Screenshot of the Lofty Marketplace on Browse tokenized properties by city, property type, cash on cash return, and project IRR.
Buy tokenized real estate on the marketplace page of Search by location, property type, and other filters to find the perfect piece of property for you.

The majority of properties listed on Lofty AI are residential properties, although there are some commercial properties available every now and then. There are single family residential homes as well as multi family residential properties. There are currently 10 different cities with property you can buy tokenized real estate of on

The areas on where you can invest in tokenized real estate include

  • Akron, Ohio
  • Chicago, Illinois
  • Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Cleveland, Ohio
  • Detroit, Michigan
  • Dallas – Fort Worth, Texas
  • Memphis, Tennessee
  • Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • Quad Cities, Iowa and Illinois
  • St. Louis, Missouri

You won’t always be able to find a property you like or even a property at all in every city sometimes. Properties are being bought and new properties are being listed all the time on Lofty, so keep your eye out if you have a certain location in mind!

How to Buy Tokenized Real Estate on Lofty AI

The Official Algorand Wallet called Pera Wallet. Simply the Best Algorand Wallet, easiest and safest way to store, buy and swap on the Algorand Blockchain.
The official Algorand Wallet called “Pera Wallet’ used for mobile devices. Screenshot from

The first thing that you’ll need to purchase tokenized real estate on Lofty AI is an Algorand wallet. There are a wide variety of Algorand Wallets available. Two popular Algorand Wallets include the official Algorand Wallet called ‘Pera Wallet‘ on mobile devices and the browser-based ‘MyAlgoWallet‘ Algorand Wallet.

Secondly, you have to create your account for You will have to complete a basic KYC, or know your customer, form with details including your name, address, and tax information.

Finally, you can start browsing the marketplace to find a property you want to buy a share of! Tokenized real estate on typically starts at $50 a piece. After selecting the property you want to buy a token of, you choose how many tokens you’d like to buy up to 10% of the available shares for a property. Payment methods for tokenized real estate on Lofty AI include bank payments, credit card, debit card, and cryptocurrencies like Algorand and USDCa (United States Dollar Coin on Algorand Blockchain). Your payment should be confirmed and your newly bought tokens should arrive in your Algorand wallet within 3-5 days.

Receiving Rent from

Rental income from your tokenized real estate held in your Algorand wallet is sent to your account on every single day. This daily rental income can make for a nice source of passive income on the Algorand blockchain.

There are currently 6 different withdrawal methods on, including:

  • Bank Transfer
  • Paypal
  • Algorand (ALGO)
  • United States Dollar Coin on Algorand (USDCa)
  • Algofi Stable Coin (STBL)
  • Donate your Rental Income to Charity

Tokenized real estate can be sold back to as well for a 5% fee. This can be done by emailing the Lofty support team. It is planned for users to be able to sell tokenized real estate on a secondary market on Lofty AI as well. This secondary market is projected to be launched in September of 2022.

Is Legit?

Announcement for Algorand Foundation Grant Award to Lofty AI
Announcement of the Algorand Foundation Grant Award given to by the Algorand Foundation.

Yes, at least from what we can tell, Lofty,ai seems to be legit. From property procurement to property management, Lofty AI is very transparent about the entire tokenized real estate process. While not every property on Lofty is a great investment, tokenized real estate purchased on consistently delivers rental income directly to your account every day. Lofty AI is a legit way to buy tokenized real estate and to start earning income from rental properties with only $50.

Further cementing the legitimacy of, the Algorand Foundation has actually given Lofty the honor of an official Algorand Foundation Grant Award. The Algorand Foundation often gives monetary grants to promising projects like hosted on the Algorand blockchain.

The only problem we’ve had with is that we can’t seem to login on some browsers! That being said, is a legit platform on the Algorand blockchain for buying and selling tokenized real estate.

Conclusion is a great platform built on the Algorand blockchain that has made real estate investing more accessible for the average person through tokenized real estate. You can start investing in real estate and receiving rental income with just $50 and an Algorand wallet! With no need to worry about upkeep, maintenance, or repairs yourself, all you have to do is wait for your rental income to hit your Algorand wallet while the property manager handles the rest! Receiving passive income from owning a percentage of a property represented on the blockchain is a novel concept that you can find on Lofty AI.

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