Candy Crack is a mobile game that claims that users can earn real money just by playing. The gameplay of Candy Crack is a simple puzzle game where you have to select matching candies among many other candies. While the gameplay of Candy Crack may be similar to other games, Candy Crack differs from other games in that it claims to pay users real money just for playing. Despite these claims, it seems that users can NOT actually earn any real money from playing Candy Crack. Keep reading to find out if Candy Crack is legit and more about if you can earn real money from playing Candy Crack.

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What is Candy Crack?

The relatively simple gameplay of Candy Crack. Simply match 2 matching candies to earn points. Screenshot from App on Google Play.

Candy Crack is a mobile puzzle game where users can supposedly earn real money just by playing. The gameplay of Candy Crack is relatively simple, even for mobile puzzle game standards. You can earn points by selecting matching candies on your screen among many different rows and columns of different candies. This kind of gameplay is easy to learn and easy to master, so you can probably get a good grasp of it pretty quickly.

In addition to the standard gameplay of Candy Crack, there are special bonuses as well. You can earn a daily login bonus of extra points just for logging in to the app once per day. However, these points are still worth nothing and can not actually be redeemed for real money. Additionally, you have to watch an ad just to redeem your worthless daily reward before you even know how many valueless points you will get!

The Daily Reward Bonus for Candy Crack, which requires you to watch an additional ad. Screenshot from App on Google Play.

While the gameplay of Candy Crack is standard, its claimed ability to pay users real cash for playing is what differentiates it. Unfortunately, these claims seem to be entirely false. It does not appear that users can actually earn a single cent from playing Candy Crack. Ridiculously high payout thresholds paired with users becoming ineligible to cash out upon reaching payout thresholds keep anyone from earning any real money by playing Candy Crack.

Does Candy Crack Pay Real Money?

$3 Reward on Candy Crack that you can NOT redeem for $3 of real money. Offer to double your reward to $6 if you watch yet another ad, but again, you can NOT redeem that $6 either. Screenshot from App on Google Play.

No, Candy Crack does not actually pay any real money. Despite claims otherwise, you are not able to cash out any real money from Candy Crack. The monetary values supposedly assigned to points earned in game are false, you will not be able to cash those points out for real money. The only thing you’ll earn by playing Candy Crack is the virtual points awarded that are worth nothing. Just to be clear, you can NOT earn any real money by playing Candy Crack.

While Candy Crack claims that users can earn money by playing, there are many deliberate systems in place to keep users from receiving any real money. The first obstacle is the high payout thresholds, with the minimum amount needed to cash out starting at a staggering $1000. Even if you somehow reach that threshold, the next obstacle ensures that you will receive no real money. Users who reach payout thresholds are automatically deemed ineligible to withdraw by the app when trying to redeem your points to real money.

In addition to the points that can’t be redeemed for real money, you can also earn puzzle pieces that can supposedly be redeemed for larger prizes like 85% of a Bitcoin or video game consoles like a PlayStation 5 or Nintendo Switch. However, it seems that it is impossible to collect every single puzzle piece and that no one will ever be able to earn those large rewards. These puzzle piece drops serve as nothing more than a way to encourage you to keep playing in hopes of getting that last piece to earn the big prize.

Is Candy Crack Legit?

Advertisement for Candy Crack found on Google Play.

From what we can tell, Candy Crack does not seem to be legit. There is no way to earn real money by playing Candy Crack, despite advertisements claiming otherwise. These misleading claims make Candy Crack not legit. It seems that if you reach payout thresholds for Candy Crack, your account will be deemed ineligible to cash out. This just cements the reputation of Candy Crack as being not legit. From our research, we have not been able to verify that even one person has been able to earn real money from Candy Crack!

Similar to many other games that claim to pay users, you will have to endure lots of ads while playing Candy Crack. So not only will you not make a single cent from playing, you’ll have to watch a lot of ads to earn nothing! Ads even pop up with the offer to double the amount of rewards you earn, i.e. the rewards that have no actual monetary value at all. The only people making real money from Candy Crack seem to be the developers of the app! It seems to us that Candy Crack is not legit.

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Candy Crack Payout Methods

Payout Methods starting at $1000 on Candy Crack that do not work. Screenshot from App on Google Play.

Even though none of the payout methods on Candy Crack actually work, there are a variety of different options. The minimum amount needed to cash out is $1,000, which would be a monumental task even if you could cash out to real money! Sadly, you can not cash out your points to real money even if you somehow reach the minimum withdrawal amount of $1,000.

As seen above, there are multiple different options to cash out on Candy Crack. Theoretically, PayPal, Cash App, Amazon Gift Cards, and even Bitcoin are all payment methods. However, none of these payout methods actually work and you will not receive any money even if you reach the payout threshold.


Candy Crack is a puzzle game for mobile devices that does not pay any real cash to users despite claims otherwise. In addition to not paying any real cash, Candy Crack is full of disruptive and frequent advertisements. We recommend not wasting your time with Candy Crack if you want to actually earn any real money from playing games. If you are playing for the love of matching puzzle games, there are a wide variety of different options where you don’t have to endure frequent ads as well. Candy Crack is NOT legit and you can NOT actually earn any real money from playing.

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