Alien Worlds is a play-to-earn game where you can earn crypto and NFTs just by playing! You can earn TLM, also known as Trillium and Alien Worlds Token, and Alien Worlds NFTs by ‘mining’ on planets across the galaxy. There are also a few ways to earn some passive crypto income on Alien Worlds as well through the form of staking and land ownership. Alien Worlds is hosted on the Wax blockchain, meaning transactions are cheap and quick! Keep reading this Alien Worlds Guide to find out everything you need to know about Alien Worlds, including Alien Worlds tools and the best land to mine.

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Alien Worlds Tools

Alien Worlds Tool NFTS with Explanations. Trillium Mining Power, Name, Proof of Work Difficulty Modifier, NFT Luck Modifier. Rarity: Abundant, Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary, Mythical.
What Alien Worlds Tools look like as NFTs and what each piece of information represents.

Tools are necessary to mine crypto and new NFTs in Alien Worlds. Alien Worlds tools are stored as NFTs in your Wax Wallet, meaning you can get new and better tools for free just by mining! In addition to free Alien Worlds tools earned by mining, you can also buy and sell Alien Worlds tools on AtomicHub.

Tools in Alien Worlds have 3 aspects that essentially determine how good the tool is. These key aspects include Trillium Mining Power, Proof of Work Difficulty Modifier, and NFT Luck Modifier. You can equip up to 3 different tools in Alien Worlds and you will receive the Trillium Mining Power, NFT Luck Modifier, and Proof of Work Modifier from each one.

Alien Worlds Mining Hub. Equip 3 Alien Worlds items, choose land, and mine for TLM and NFTs.
Mining Hub for Alien Worlds with 1 Land chosen and 3 items equipped.

Trillium Mining Power determines how much TLM you can mine, with higher Trillium Mining Powers resulting in higher amounts of TLM mined. Proof of Work Modifier determines how long it takes for you to cool down between mining. Your cool down is determined by multiplying your Proof of Work Modifier by the Charge Time Modifier of the land you are mining on. NFT Luck modifier refers to the chance that you will get a free Alien Worlds NFT from mining.

In addition to the previously mentioned aspects, tools in Alien Worlds each also have a rarity and a shine. The rarity of Alien Worlds tools can be abundant, common, rare, epic, legendary, and mythical. All Alien Worlds tools can be shined by combining multiple tools of a lower shine together with some TLM. Shine levels of Alien Worlds tools include Base, Gold, Stardust, and Antimatter. Higher levels of shine result in better tools.

Alien Worlds Best Land to Mine

Alien Worlds Lands NFTs. Land Type, Planet, Proof of Work Reduction, NFT Luck Modifier, Mined TLM modifier, and Charge Time Modifier.
Alien Worlds Land NFT and what each piece of information means.

When it comes to choosing the best land for you to mine on in Alien Worlds, you have a lot of different options. There are 6 different planets that each have between roughly 300-600 different lands available on each. There are also 20 different types of land that each Alien Worlds land can be, with some examples including grassland, dormant volcano, and rocky desert. Each land has its own pros and cons, so there is a different best land to mine on Alien Worlds for everybody!

There are 5 key variables to keep in mind when choosing the best land to mine in Alien Worlds for you. These 5 variables include TLM mining potential, NFT mining potential, Proof of Work Reduction, TLM Commission Rate, and the Charge Time Modifier.

The Trillium Mining Multiplier found in the top left of the land represents how much TLM you can earn from mining. The NFT Luck Modifier represents your potential to find free NFTs while mining. Proof of Work Reduction refers to the difficulty of the land to mine. TLM Commission rate is the rate set by the owners of the land to take as a fee whenever someone mines on that land, set at a default of 20%. Finally, Charge Time Modifier determines how long of a cool down you have to wait in between mining.

Alien Worlds lands in one stat are typically lower in the other stat, although some are balanced between TLM, NFTs, and cool down. You can pick the best Alien Worlds land to mine for you by determining if you are trying to mine TLM or NFTs.

How to Get Started with Alien Worlds

Standard Shovel Alien Worlds Tool NFT. Starter Item.
Starting item for Alien Worlds, a Standard Shovel.

The only thing you need to get started with Alien Worlds is a Wax wallet. By signing up for Alien Worlds, you get one shovel for free that you can use to start mining right away! You can earn more tools to mine with by mining NFTs or by buying Alien Worlds tools on AtomicHub.

To start earning TLM and NFTs on Alien Worlds, first you have to equip your tools. Then you have to choose a planet and a piece of land to start mining on. Finally you can click the button that says ‘Mine’ to collect your rewards! There will be a cool down displayed until the next time you can mine. This cool down is based off of the Proof of Work Modifier of your tools and the Charge Time Modifier of the land that you are mining on.

Alien Worlds Token Staking

Alien Worlds Token / Trillium / TLM Icon
Icon for Alien Worlds Token, also known as Trillium and TLM.

You can stake your TLM on Alien Worlds to earn additional TLM. The amount of TLM you earn is a based on a percentage of the total amount of TLM you stake. You can choose which planet you want to stake your TLM on, and each planet offers a different reward.

Buy Alien Worlds Land

You can purchase the land that is used for mining on Alien Worlds to receive passive income. Owners of land will receive a small fee each time someone mines on that land. This can be a good way to earn some passive income on the Wax blockchain if you can find a good piece of land for sale in Alien Worlds. The fee for mining on owned lands is set by the owner of the land, with the default starting at 20%. Land owners also receive free TLM every week just for holding the land in their Wax wallet! As with Alien Worlds tools, you can purchase Alien Worlds land from AtomicHub.

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Alien Worlds Minions and Weapons

Alien Worlds Minions. Nordic Warrior, Storm Giant, and Mysterious Hacker.
Three different minions for Alien Worlds: Nordic Warrior, Storm Giant, and Mysterious Hacker.

Minions and weapons currently have no use in Alien Worlds, but will come into use in a future ‘Battle Dome’ update. It is expected that you can use your minions and weapons to fight against other players in the ‘Battle Dome’ in the future. You can still collect minions and weapons for free from mining as well as for sale on AtomicHub in the meantime. Like with Alien Worlds tools, minions and weapons come in a variety of different rarities as well. Although the minions and weapons you get from mining might just seem like clutter in your Wax wallet, they will have a function in an upcoming update.


While not the most lucrative play-to-earn game around, Alien Worlds is an easy way to earn some extra crypto and NFTs on the Wax blockchain. Alien Worlds is completely free to play, so you can start mining TLM and NFTs with no investment necessary. Although many consider Alien Worlds to be more like a faucet than an actual game, there is still potential to make some extra money in the form of crypto and NFTs by doing very little.

Start playing Alien Worlds here to Start Earning NFTs and Crypto!

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